While clients are very good at insuring their material goods and appliances against unforeseen events, they often neglect to insure themselves!

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Nowadays people would be right on the ball when it comes to insuring your appliances or a mobile phones but quite often neglect to insure themselves in the event of a circumstance which would have a far greater emotional and financial disastrous effect on their family and finances.


The basic principles in financial planning start depending on a client’s individual circumstance so that in the event of a life changing event such as critical ill or passing away either you or you family are financially secure and can deal with would what be an already heart-breaking scenario with some comfort knowing that your business / house / family security is assured.


There are all sets of different circumstance that can play a part in this, either being made redundant, ill heath, critical illness and unfortunately passing away, whatever the circumstance it can have a detrimental effect on you and your family, what we do at Tweed Financial Services is tailor a product that covers all your needs in a tax efficient way and cover you for all the eventualities.


When you have a mass wealth — whether it be in a family or in a company — you would want to protect this from being eroded in the future with the loss of a loved one or a key person. This can be done by having plans in place that covers this. When it comes to assets if they are not protected sufficiently, they can be significantly reduced by the HMRC if not protected for inheritance tax purposes. When it comes to the world that we live in today advances in medicine, healthier lifestyles and better working conditions means that life expectancy is increasing all the time, in line with that the costs of care are only rising and as such in order to protect your wealth plans need to be in place as early as possible.

Inheritance tax planning

Protect your family’s assets for the future generations.

Protecting your lifestyle

In the uncertainty of everyday living it's vital to have the relevant cover in place, to cover the financial risks with your income, family, dependants etc.

Protecting your wealth

You have spent many years building your wealth its imperative that you do not allow it to be eroded by the negative effects of taxation and inflation.

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Protect your family’s assets for the future generations...

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