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Options at Retirement

When people think of their retirement planning, they immediately think of pensions. This is an extremely important part of the plan but by no ways the be all and end all. There are many other ingredients that can form part of a retirement solution. These could be in the form of savings and investments, buy to let properties, state pension, and of course, personal and company schemes.
Over the recent years your options have changed greatly in the way you can manage your retirement. In 2015 there was the pension freedom act that came into force from the tax year 2015/16. This was revolutionary in the way client should think about there retirement. This set out new framework for private pensions and the flexibility and tax efficiency of pensions and age that you can access your pension.

When we have conversations now with our clients the conversation are different in the sense it is not what can ‘I’ the client get income wise from my pension fund, it is now more of what do you need to cover your expenditure and how do we deliver this tax efficiently from your pension fund and other available assets, such as buy to let properties, Isa’s, Bonds and of course cash in the bank.

You as a client now have more control over your pension and how it will work for you. You have worked and saved hard all your lives and will now have the freedom to decide with advice from your financial adviser to make good choices for you to have the benefit of this for the rest of your life and even leave a legacy for your person of choice.

For each and everyone of our clients coming to retirement it is imperative to get good financial advice and understand all avenues that is available to them, Tweed Financial Services pride themselves in the knowledge that they have gained and being able to relay this to our clients in a manner that you will understand and be happy to make an informed decision.

Everyone’s circumstance is completely different and unique to them this is why we asses all your needs, wants and requirements down to the finest point including any income, expenditure, tax allowance and tailor a plan that meet each individuals requirements, whether this is an annuity or pension drawdown you will be sure you have all the advice so that you feel comfortable in making this momentous decision.

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