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Corporate Wealth

Corporate Wealth within a business can mean there are lots of different areas of advice needed to cover a multitude of options available to that business owner to continue to prosper going forward. Things such as the day to day running of the business and protecting the key people involved in that form illness and accident, to the way in which the owners of the business extract their remuneration in the most tax efficient way... and then there is the planning for ending working life and retiring and realising the growth over many years and finally at the end.

Some things to consider below would be:

  • Considering Business Protection by planning for the impact on the business of the death (or prolonged incapacity) of a Partner, Director or key person within the business and advising on partnership, shareholder agreements.
  • Recommending the most tax efficient method of enhancing Partners’ and Directors’ remuneration and profit extraction.
  • Providing Partners or Directors with arrangements to make available regular income (to replace drawings or salary), in the event of prolonged absence from work, due to illness or incapacity.
  • Assisting with retirement planning and utilising annual allowances for pension provision.
  • Assisting with the efficient planning exit strategies.

Want to learn more about our Corporate Wealth Management services and how we can help you make the most of your money?

Advising Trustees

Services Include:
  • Growing Trusts Funds etc..
  • Ensuring the Trust's objectives are met.
  • Applying any legislative changes to the trust investments.

Investing Long-term Surplus Cash on Balance Sheet

Services Include:
  • Protecting the Trusts' Funds etc..
  • Securing the business’s future.
  • Investing cash for profits.

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